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Where does paddle boarding actually come from?

SUP is a sport that has emerged in recent years. It comes from the United States, where the lifeguards often used a large surfboard to move through the sea on a busy day. They stood on a wide plank and used the lifeboat paddles to propel themselves. By standing on the board instead of lying down, they were able to keep a good view of the sea and the swimmers. This allowed them to jump in immediately if something happened. People thought this was an interesting way of doing water sports and started to copy it. Soon water sports rental houses by the sea started renting such boards with paddle to the tourists. From then on, it became increasingly popular and is being done in more and more places around the world. Many people now also do this water sport in their own time.

The paddles for paddle boarding

In addition to a good board, having the right paddle is the most important thing when you are supping. There are a number of important elements involved in finding a good paddle. Having the right paddle is something you won’t notice as much at first, but the more you paddle the more you will realize how important having the right paddle is. Buying the right paddle is something you should do good research for. For example, how long should supboard paddles be and what are the options with different paddles?

The perfect length paddle

The perfect length of a paddle depends on what you like. However, it is important that the paddle is not too long, because the paddling then becomes very heavy. The ideal length of a paddle is that it is about 20 to 25 centimeters longer than your height. This makes it about 20 centimeters under water when you stand upright, so you can paddle very relaxed, without having to force your posture. When the paddle is too long, it is too far underwater and this makes paddling very difficult. However, if your paddle is too short, it will quickly protrude above the water and you will have to forcefully bend your knees or bend to paddle normally. This is very hard on your back and neck. If you find it difficult to find a suitable sup paddle, you can always buy an adjustable paddle. This means you always have the right length and you can even use the same paddles with several people. For children there are special paddles for sale of lighter material.

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