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Dyneema: material that is known for its enormous tensile strength

Dyneema is a material that is known for its enormous tensile strength and a material that ensures lines with a low specific weight. Dyneema is sensitive to temperature and has excellent resistance to UV radiation, friction and sea water, as well as chemicals. The advantage of using this material is that it does not chafe and cut. The material with which water sports lines are made is also used in many other lines, such as cycling, shoes, maritime shipping, the medical world and also bulletproof products.

Strong and safe and exceptionally friendly to use

Take the soft shackle lines that we have available. These lines can be used for various purposes and explicitly replace the traditional steel harp and the D-closures. These lines are exceptionally strong and safe and, moreover, much easier to use. This way you are much less likely to run into damage and you are much less likely to be injured by stainless steel closures, something that will undoubtedly be familiar to all of us. Naturally, this line is UV resistant due to a special coating. The twin loop closes automatically when loaded and the force released is always distributed evenly between both parts.

The special racing lines are very durable, strong and also stretch-free

We have included more than enough lines in our range for sailors who want to switch from polyester to an affordable form of Dyneema. These lines are also very lightweight and have a high breaking strength. The lines do not shrink due to water absorption, have minimal stretch and are also smooth and easy to split. You use this specific Dyneema line as a control line but also as a fall and impact line. Lines are simply indispensable for the modern sailor, so they are not lacking in our already large range. Of course you will also find racing Dyneema. This line is made of a braided Dyneema core with polyester covering. These racing lines are very durable, strong, stretch-free and do not float. You can purchase such lines per meter.

The water sports lines are resistant to UV radiation and chemicals

We also have available Dyneema lines without an outer covering. These lines are infused with a special coating and are resistant to UV radiation. What characterizes these lines is the minimal shrinkage, the very low weight and the high breaking load. In addition to the best water sports lines, you have also come to the right place when it comes to accessories related to water sports lines, in the form of split needle sets, split kits, split iron hollow needles and waxed table yarn.

Everything in the field of water fun, surfboards and kayaking

And so you will always find a line with us that perfectly matches your specific wishes. In addition to the best water sports lines, you can also come to us for everything in the field of water fun, surfboards and kayaking and you will also find many safety products and accessories.

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