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Water sports ponchos

One of the great advantages of water sports is that you often don’t need much equipment for it. In addition, because of its enormous popularity, there is also a wide range in all of these products. However, there is always an annoying moment with water sports: the moment when you get out of the water and have to go into the cold air. Watersport ponchos are the solution to this problem.

Watersport ponchos on the side

Watersport ponchos, also called surf ponchos, are an ideal solution for men, women and children. These warm terry ponchos are composed in such a way that they keep you warm immediately, but also absorb the moisture from your body like a towel. Because it is so comfortable to wear, it is also a poncho that you can wear when you’re not surfing, such as when you go to the beach or are on the way to a lake. In those cases it can be worn simply as a very comfortable loose shirt. The poncho is not intended for use during water sports. It is not a system that keeps you dry during exercise. However, it is ideal for moments around sports. It provides a pleasant and warm covering when you come out of the water.

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Ponchos for children

Of course it is also useful for children to be able to dry them immediately after swimming or canoeing and to dress easily. In those cases, ponchos are also very useful. Such a poncho is very loose and can easily be put on over a wet body, compared to normal clothing. ponchos for kids come in a number of sizes, but are mostly a one-size-fits-all as they are so loose. For children, the ponchos are available in all kinds of fun and cheerful patterns that match the playfulness of the child. It is possible to buy these ponchos with open sides, so that they can also be used as a towel, and with closed sides. With closed sides you use small holes for the arms. With an open poncho, the poncho is more like a towel over the child.

Watersport poncho with hood

The ease of use of a water sports poncho is complete in combination with a handy hood. There are different types of poncho that have a hood made of the same terry material. A hood can therefore ensure that your heat is retained even better and that your hair is also dried effectively. This handy poncho can easily be worn as an outfit after exercise and can keep you warm until late in the evening. If you want to go out on the water again later that day, you can easily take off the poncho again. You don’t have to be dry to put on the poncho. It is the perfect blend of ease and comfort. A hood is also useful for children, to protect them just a little better against any rays of the sun. Of course a poncho is not sun protection and sunscreen should always be well applied. However, it does provide shade and break the direct rays of the sun.

A water sports poncho is therefore suitable for young and old, both before watersports as well as after.

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